Evolving Web for Personal Branding, Events & Resume

Gone are the days when websites used to be the online entity for only serious businesses, professionals and organizations for local and global promotion and infoshare.

We are in the era of social cloud and viral promotion where every individual seeks to make thier online presence count, being omnipresent at relevant and evolving social platforms and innovative spaces they are conscious of building their niche identity by either creating or curating content which is the new currency.In the context our portal Bengalitez ( www.bengalitez.com ), launched in 42nd Kolkata International Book Fair 2018 celebrates the paramount relevance of literary treasures of Bengali Literature which needs a gateway to the global audience through profiling of writers, affialiate marketing of publishers and an agency for writers to safequard legal interests, archival benefits and conversion of content for cross media and inter-lingual exchange.

This generation is aware of creating their personal brand ( no more fancy websites but real name domain names are in vogue), be it for professional resume site, hobby site, brochure site to show off one’s talent, personal event like wedding or online invitation site, and a variety of web identity for new evolving professions. 

E-commerce sites are becoming most common with the revolution of digital payment and the luring scope to go global with local resources on demand across geographical boundaries. The street shops are challenged everyday by the e-commerce giants and thereby feel the urge to adopt the technology or in the long run encounter obliteration. There are two options left, either to take shelter under the umbrella of the ecommerce giants or create an unique identity to cater to the niche audience. Drisyayon has come up with a unique portal for creative commerce ( www.boutiqart.com ), where any talented individual, enterprise or organization can start their online e-commerce venture without surrending their ownership freedom or right to provide on demand customized aesthetic solution. Apart from being an aggregation of creative entrepreneurs with directory listing ( PIN based ) of their profile, the vendors are free to interact, trade and sell their creative wares and service online.

With the compounding growth in the use of smart phones and other hand held digital technology, apps have almost replaced the websites and like never before there is a huge entrepreneurial propensity to address the consumer pain areas, induce more engagement, provide utility and infotainment. The future of our online property in the form of our website, Blog, social profile, e-store or our forum account is really bright owing to the advent of bitcoin and cryptocurrency which will in time evaluate the quality content and time we devote online!!!

Our company already being a party to the innovation drive are most focussed to extend our best support for the new individual thinkers and aspiring brands to facilitate the conduicive platform to flourish and get themselves visible, audible and finally desirable to their target audience.

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